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Every once in a while a performer comes along with a singular talent that can transcend the current musical pop culture and let us all enjoy a style and sound that is new and different from what we are used to. Edie Brickell is such a talent. Her vocals have been the leading sound for a variety of groups that have had sounds featured in a variety of television shows, movies, in concerts and many events.The sounds Edie Brickell has helped create include nearly every genre of music that you can think of and find.

Our site gives you a ton of great photos, videos and music to showcase the talent and career of one of America’s most amazing performers. Enjoy the awesome vocal stylings of Edie Brickell and learn more about this talented singer and songwriter that has been the voice of so many groups for nearly thirty years. Whether you are already a fan or you are just learning about Edie Brickell and found a few of her productions that you enjoyed this is a great place to find out more about the highly talented Edie Brickell who has enjoyed a fantastic career for many years.